Doll Head



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While driving through a small town in Kansas, we came across an antique store filled with old doll relics. A dusty plaster mold, of a dolls head, came to the surface while digging around on the back rows of the loaded shelves. Not quite knowing what it could become, the mold was just too special not to get. Once we got into the studio and cast the mold for the first time, all we had to do was bump in her little head and there was the perfect delicate flower vase or get a pair and for candlestick holders.

The inside and outside of the neck of Doll is lined with 22k gold to give her that little extra shine. But don't hesitate to order, as this will be a limited run product due to the nature of being a found mold.

Dimensions | 5.75"H x 3.5"W x 3.5"L 

Care | Hand wash

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