Witch's Stone Necklace

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This ceramic porcelain necklace was molded from a rock we found while on a hike in Northwestern parts of Oregon. This stone was special, as it had a natural hole. They call these types of rocks, Witch's or Hag stones, often believed to ward off the dead, curses, witches, sickness, and nightmares. They are also used as windows or doorways to see 'otherworlds', invisible spirits, or how a being 'really' looks beyond their glamoury.

The necklace is made of high fire porcelain, which simply means it is extra durable and strong. The bottom is dipped in 22k gold, to add that extra bit of bling...plus who doesn't love gold. The leather cord is connect by a beautiful gold chain which gives it a nice asymmetrical look. You can also choose between our WHITE porcelain, or our striking BLACK porcelain.

The pendant hangs roughly 14" and lays nicely on the chest.
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