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Rusty Bucket

Rusty Bucket

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The perfect centerpiece for any tabletop is not so easy to find, but we think you'll fall in love with this versatile container. The Rusty Bucket can sit anywhere to bring the element of modern or country cute to any surface. Created from an actual rusted bucket, which held the studio's wood stove ashes, Candy Relics has brought this object back to life in a sweet kinda way!

Fill the Rusty Bucket with a large bouquet of wild flowers to bring any room to life or add that touch of modern to the bathroom by stocking it with hand towels. With our durable high fire porcelain use the Rusty Bucket as an ice bucket without worrying about condensation. You'll find it the perfect solution to chilled wines that need a creative display. Since our metal rusty bucket was destroyed in the making process of this design, we use two porcelain Rusty Buckets; one for cleaning out the ash and the other for storing kindling. There really isn't anything that can't look awesome in this container, so candy up your life with the Rusty Bucket!
Designer | David Price
Dimensions | 7.75″H x 10″W x 9″L ________________________________________________

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