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Mother’s Milk

Mother’s Milk

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The Mothers Milk is as animated as its name.This amazing shape came to us as a family heirloom . It was passed down three generations and beloved by all who took the time to notice it, however it was the kind of object that never made it off the shelf. Though it was a beautiful relic preserving the image of our dear Aunt Bootsie, the fact was it never got used. With this new interpretation of an object lost on the nicknack shelf, our customers will find every reason to bring it out. In the object's lean back posture, Candy Relics has accentuated the belly in the angle of the glaze line. This simple line is imitating, “the shirt that used to fit.”

Though the title might get a laugh now and then the object can stand on its own. With its modern look and classic silhouette, this design will find itself on the table. Whether it be for lemonade on a hot summer day, cream for the coffee, or just country gravy on the holidays, Mothers Milk is the perfect gift for any home.

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Designer | David Price
Dimensions | 6″H x 4″W x 5.5″L ________________________________________________

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